Brod, Max: Psalm CXXVI [parallel text in English and in Hebrew].

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Brod, Max:  Psalm CXXVI [parallel text in English and in Hebrew]. For high voice and piano. [Composed 1921, revised 1953]. Tel-Aviv, Israeli Music Publ., 1953. Folio (c. 315 x 222 mm). 2 leaves. With music, and text printed in Hebrew, transliterated and in English. Loose as issued.

With ms. dedication on upper cover by Max Brod (1884-1968) to Marianne Wreschner in Zurich, dated 1953. Born in Prague, Brod entered the Czech civil service. In 1924 he joined a Prague daily newspaper as a theater and music editor. He helped found the National Council of Jews of Czechoslovakia in 1918. In 1939, he settled in Tel Aviv and became a music critic and drama adviser. In 1902 Brod had met first Franz Kafka, who later had instructed his friend to destroy his unpublished manuscripts after his death, but Brod defied the wishes of Kafka and instead edited and published the materials in the 1930s. (Sprache: Englisch / English)

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