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 Picturesque Europe. – With original illustrations by the most eminent artists. Popular edition. London, Paris, NY, Melbourne, Cassell, 1900. Vols. 4 and 5 (of 5). 4°. VII (1), 288 pp.; VII (1), 288, 32 pp. With 2 frontispieces, 2 illustrated titles, several plates and numerous textillustrations after wood engravings. Contemporary cloth (front cover spotted).

Contains contributions by several authors on Auvergne, old German towns, Naples, Norway, Spain, North Italy, Channel Islands, Calabria and Sicily, Black Forest, Sweden, Tyrol, Gibraltar, Constantinople, Eastern Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Athens, Holland and the high alps. – Throughout browned. Page 133 with unprofessionally restored tear. (Sprache: Französisch / Français / French)

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